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Monday, September 03, 2007

Battered, bruised, bloodied, and triumphant, I arise from My First Week of School:

I never knew my feet could hurt that much and still function.
I never knew I had so much patience.
I never knew I could love a kid in the span of 35 hours.
I never knew the responsibility of teaching would be so scary.
I never knew complimenting a kid on how quietly he's working could feel so good.
I never knew that the admiration of 22 nine- and ten-year-olds would be such a driving force.
I never knew a kid's drawing of a crowned, flaming heart could impress me so much.
I never knew meeting a kid's parent would feel so familiar.
I never knew such a feeling of support among my coworkers.
I never knew teachers worked so damn hard.
I never knew what it was like to know my true calling.
I'm so happy for you!

I believe things happen for a reason. The changes at the museum were the catalyst for this weeks trials & successes. Lucky kids. They won the lottery & don't even know it. I tried teaching for a while & couldn't do it. I knew after a week. If you are still good to go, then you are made for it. I am not surprised.

Good luck to you & A.

aka Billy Bob Bain

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