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Friday, May 11, 2007

So last night, we decided to go see 28 Weeks Later at the midnight show. We went to The Grand, and the Box Office looked a little dark, so we went to the ticket-purchase kiosk and bought our tickets for today, May 11, at 12:05am. Check out what tickets spat out:

Stupid Inconsistency, originally uploaded by Iridesce.

I muttered, Napoleon Dynamite-style, "Idiots!" over and over until we got to the Cinemark at Webb Chapel, where we "also knew" there was a midnight show tonight. We got there just in time; we fetched coffee, and the previews started right when we sat down.

What followed (after the inspiring preview for Live Free Die Hard), was a 90-minute thrill ride. I loves me some zombies -- and this movie, of course, had plenty. I screamed, smashed Austin's knuckles in my hand, outright sobbed, and covered my eyes as the plot unfolded, Iraq War-like, before our eyes. If you liked 28 Days Later, you'll love this. It had your afraid-of-the-dark moments, your afraid-of-crowded-and-enclosed-spaces moments, and your afraid-of-zombies moments, prolonged, of course, throughout the whole film. It's even complete with my favorite scary location: a deserted amusement park. Woo.

I didn't need the coffee.
You're suck a stickler for the fabric of time-space...

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