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Sunday, October 01, 2006

On our October trip to the Pacific Northwest, Austin and I will meander a lot.

We arrive early Tuesday morning. We'll first drive from SEATAC to Vancouver, checking out the city and staying at the Blue Horizon Hotel.

The next morning, we'll hop back into our rent car and ferry across the Sound to Victoria, then take another ferry back to Washington, where we'll drive to Astoria. We kind of decided on Astoria because 1) it's in a good location to be a good break from the ferrying and driving, and 2) it's actually where Goonies was filmed! Yay! (I guess one might say that it's "Good Enough"!) The lighthouse and the cliffs! And Chester Copperpot! We'll be at the Hotel Elliott while we're there.

After we leave Astoria, we'll drive down the Washington and Oregon coasts, stopping for whatever fancies us, then we'll make our way east to Portland, where I get to meet my long-standing and oddly close friend Andy. We'll stay at the Moore Hotel Kennedy School -- which is a hotel built in an old school, with a movie theater in the old auditorium, chalkboards in the rooms, and a thoroughly, squigglily happy vibe -- and then take a day trip to hike up Multnomah Falls and/or visit a couple of wineries.

After that, we'll drive back to Seattle for the evening (University Tower Hotel for the night), and we'll leave SEATAC at about 11:55 PM. Whoa.

Any recommendations for things to slot into our itenerary? I want to make a pilgrimage to a Trader Joe's at some point (and will bring an extra suitcase to do so). Help us, internets!
The hotel that was once a school was just featured in an issue of Cottage Living. I'll try to get it to Bethany so she can get it to you.

Oh, if you are in Seattle please go to the Experience Music Project. The entrance fee is steep but the "banging on the drums like Larry Mullens" bit is worth it.

Have fun. Take pictures.

Take pictures? Of course! (Austin just bought his own digital camera, so we won't have to share one.)

The Experience Music Project is DEFINITELY on the itenerary. I've never been in a Gehry building.

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