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Monday, April 17, 2006

If that uninsured GMC Yukon XL-driving girl had made an unprotected left turn into the driver's side of my car a split second sooner, I would be as broken as half the windows in my PT Cruiser.

We were T-boned at the intersection of Main and Carroll. The Yukon hit us on the left, and then we did a 270 and the back of my car slammed into a light pole. My car is as banged up as it can be and still be driveable. The police came within two minutes.

I just got home from the emergency room, where Austin's lump in his head got examined and his neurological responses checked. He's fine, very thankfully. I have a sore calf, from where the door hit me, and my neck is really sore, but I'm, by the grace of coincidence, fine.

My car looks like this:

There's a very shell-shocked girl, hm?

In the hospital waiting room, my mom was amazed we came away relatively unscathed and asked Austin, "Don't you think you're lucky?"

He looked at me and then told her, "Every day."

So instead of worry, instead of pain, my long day will end characterized by the wondrously loving and fortunate life he and I share. And because of that, I don't have a care in the world.
Those are startling pictures, and I'm glad to see you okay and standing in them.

Advice from somebody who used to give himself whiplash a lot: heating pad, heating pad, heating pad, Advil.

glad you're okay....and lucky. :-)

scary pics. glad you are ok.

ew :(

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