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Thursday, March 30, 2006

I need to push harder. The problem is that I need to push harder in orthogonal vectors.

A museum reorganization is going on due to the merger. I still have a job; it'll be different, though, from what I currently do.

Sadly, it seems my interface with the publicity machine will be less. Very, very sadly, I have been tasked with orchestrating a camp-in from the ground up in two days -- and be onsite during it as it runs from 7:00 PM tomorrow to 9:00 AM Saturday. And do a few off-site gigs Saturday. And compose a few marketing blips before Monday. And be Manager on Duty Sunday.

Three of the layoffs are people whose jobs I know moderately, and I'm the logical "fill-in" girl for their immediate duties. If each of them were transponders, the triangulation of their signals would be me.

My last two days have been hell. The next three will be, too.

And the reorg chart isn't even being unveiled until tomorrow.

The worst part of this is that any time I feel overwhelmed, pitiable, or fit for martyrdom, I look at my colleagues who were laid off. And I feel worse, because at least I have a job. On the other hand, that job is making life a cesspool for a little while.

All this said, the future looks excellent, my new coworkers seem jovial, and the person who's most likely my new boss has given every indication that he's going to be great.

I have taken to coping by wearing striped socks.

It doesn't really work.

I hope you don't think it's creepy that I keep up with your blog.

And I hope that you aren't as devoted to that museum as the energy that you bring to your job would indicate.

Your skills, talent, education, energy, and accomplishment are wasted on that cynical shithole. It is a testament to your dedication to your career that you have overlooked the gross mismanagement and incompetence there so that you can educate children and otherwise do what you love. But that museum and the children's-museum community in general do not deserve such devotion.

If you leave your job because of the abrupt change in your position then you will almost certainly qualify for unemployment compensation, which several years ago amounted to about 1300/month, good for six months or so, suspendable if you get freelance work, reinstatable if the freelance gig goes away. I'm just saying.

Creepy? Of course not.

(I assume you're "Josh's Clark." If so, get my brother on the internet, 'kay? He NEEDS an email address, yeesh.)

I want it to be clear that I'm not mad at my employer. It is not a "cynical shithole," I swear. They're not incompetent or mismanaged. I love my supervisors and it's hard for them, too. I understand what they're doing, and I'm willing to suffer in the short term for what I think will be awesome in the long-term.

And yeah. I do it for the kids.

Thanks for the unemployment tip, but I think I'll be okay for now.

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