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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Let's hear it for last-minute vacation plans! Austin and I will be going to Austin for SXSW next week -- Wednesday after work till the wee hours of Friday morning. Back to work Friday. Yeah.

I really wanted to see The Go! Team in concert Wednesday, but The Starlight Mints, another fave I've never seen in concert, was playing Thursday. The answer? Take off work Thursday and make a trip of it!

Here's our schedule of anticipated shows:

Wednesday, 15 March 2006
11:00PM Beth Orton (Antone's)
01:00AM The Go! Team (Exodus)
Thursday, 16 March 2006
08:00PM Mike Relm (Blender Bar at the Ritz)
10:00PM The Starlight Mints (The Parish)
12:00AM Gomez (Stubb's)

Maybe Friday night we'll go back for the Múm DJ Set, if it's actually Múm.
Do you guys already have tickets to these shows? CoreyAnn and I were thinking about going down to see Ted Leo, and weren't sure, this late, if it would be possible to even get a hotel room, much less anything else.

This is just from last year's experience (and it resulted in disappointment due to last-minute rescheduling), but the show tickets aren't something pre-plan necessary (especially for the non-huge acts) since most are in clubs w/ cover charges and general admission.

We're staying in Round Rock, which is 20 or so miles north of Austin. Most hotels in Austin city limits (PBS, yay) are sold out, and if they're not, they're ritzy.

Standard Operating Procedures for SXSX revolves around the official SXSW wristbands/badge. Basically, if you buy the $500+ wristband/badge, you get priority over non-wristband/badge wearing patrons and almost guaranteed entry to any/every show. Without a wristband/badge, you can usually get in with a cover if there's room (they have to "make" room for anticipated badge-holders).

So, yeah, basically, we're going to try our luck with entry since the badges cost so much and cover the entire festival. Gomez, fortunately, is at Stubbs and if they're on the main stage (i think they are) we can catch them from the street if we don't go in.

Last year, we caught (unknowingly) the last few minutes of Diplo as the rescheduled at the last minute.

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