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Friday, November 04, 2005

Over the last few days, I've discovered the best workout reading (other than Quick) is the short story format. I'm hanging out on the elliptical machines, reading Alfred Bester, and I love it. I finish the story, and not only do I have the satisfaction of an encapsulated narrative, I've burned 200 calories doing it!

Any short story collections you recommend (preferably available in easy-to-smash-against-the-stand paperback)?
I have this, which you can use. It's 1400+ pages, but you're welcome to tear pages out and use only those pages. (it was amandatory text book i couldn't sell back).

Yeah, but is it any good?

(Besides, loose pages on the stand = teh suck.)

Ah, I must recommend "The Norton Book of Science Fiction." It's edited by Ursula LeGuin, and consists of a large collection, of, well, science fiction stories. Totally worth the 25 or so dollars it would cost.

Virtual Unrealities? It's so good!

To depart into different genres, though, I think you might also like Full Frontal Fiction (hmm, The Best of while working out. . .), and The Wall of the Sky, The Wall of the Eye (Jonathan Lethem, though I have to admit most of the stories in there completely kicked my ass). And, if you ever want some contemporary lit fic, Zoetrope All Story is a collection of the best from Coppola's Zoetrope magazine (many stories of which are spit-Coke-out-your-nose funny)

Okay, I'm done. Let me know if you find something special.


Umm, okay, so for some reason, italicizing eliminated all the titles. If you replace each bizarre character cluster with an item from this list, the titles are in this order:

-Virtual Unrealities
-Full Frontal Fiction
-The Wall of the Sky, The Wall of the Eye
-Zoetrope All Story

Ahem. Whatever.


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