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Friday, September 23, 2005

.: Ponchos. Why these ever became a trend, I don't know. I bought a tweed capelet last year and still haven't worn it, afraid it'd be taken as a poncho.

.: Gauchos. Maybe they're comfortable. But they look like culottes, and those things were ugly when I was in Girl Scouts. They're not any cuter now.

.: Embellished jeans. I am very sad that it's getting hard to find plain jeans anymore.

.: Cami tops that make you look pregnant. Nice. Covers a lot, sure, but when Alessandra Ambrosio wears one and doesn't look good, that's a bad sign.

.: Boho skirts, especially when paired with the just-mentioned cami top. Because broomstick skirts went away for a reason.
I totally agree with you on:
1) Ponchos
2) Gauchos
3) Ripped up/other messed with jeans - though I do enjoy interesting washes and often mess with my own jeans.

4) Pregnant-looking cami tops. I DO NOT understand this. At all.

I do, however, enjoy boho skirts. But they look good on me! Usually I wear them with cord jackets. With the glasses I end up looking very art school. I'm annoyed that these came into fashion this season.

Other things I never wear:

1) Skirts/dresses over jeans - what? When did this trend start? Is it a shirt? A dress? What's that wedge of fabric over your jeans?

2) Big honkin' fur boots. Like the furry kind that look like you slaid a yeti and are about to go kickin' it with Genghis Khan.

3) Shrug anything. I really like purchasing the whole shirt, thank you.

Amen, sister.

And yes, while boho skirts aren't something I'd wear (yeah, hips are not good with 'em), I'll credit them with making sequins an acceptable embellishment. (And with corduroy? That sounds like a pretty acceptable twist on boho.)

And I entirely agree on the three amendments. Each one left me asking myself, "Why didn't I include that? It's so obvious!"

I did see some somewhat-sleeker version of the yeti boots that had kitten heels and little white pompoms under a bow at the top that looked kind of cute... But, I mean, Ugg. The answer's in the question.

And I refuse to pay as much or more for a jacket or shirt that will not keep me warm.

I really, really, really hate those gauchos. They're just soooo ugly.

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