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Sunday, September 11, 2005

My brother was recently dumped (it seems this time for good) by his girlfriend of 4 years. As such, he's looking for a new place to live, and I decided that my Great Thing To Help Him Out In His Time of Heartbreak would be assist him in that goal. (That, and go to The Cavern, where he bartends upstairs, and watch Rick Derek tonight at 10:30.)

So we drove around, calling numbers on signs in front of cool du- or four-plexes. One of them was a dump. One was in the same house I lived before Austin and I moved in together (home of the infamous neighbors). One was pretty expensive, but the "Info" in the "Info Tube" pointed us to a four-plex that looked pretty cool. Josh got out of the car, walked around the building, and came back.

"Go try the door," I suggested, since the front door led to what looked like a foyer.

He goes up to the door, and it's locked. So he cups his hands around his eyes to peer into the window. He jumps back; he's seen something unsettling. He turns to us, laughing, motioning for us to come check out what he just saw.

Here's what he'd seen:

After we stopped laughing, we moved on. But I kind of want him to live there, because damn. A guard tiger!
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