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Friday, September 09, 2005

I went to a wedding this weekend, and as I commented on the ugliness of the tulle bows tied around the country club's trees and the corniness of the nothing-recorded-before-1995 music, my mom declares, "You're going to be so hard," referring to my taste in decor and pomp for my eventual marriage ceremony.

(Early in the wedding the preacher said, "I think it's awesome to have such a gathering of..." and I leaned over to Austin to say, "God, I hate it when preachers use the term 'awesome.' " After I said that, the preacher said it again. And again. I started having a hard time holding in my laughter. I counted on my fingers each time he said "awesome," and in the 30-minute ceremony, he said it eight times. That's more than once every four minutes! Sheesh! I also visibly cringed during the "You shall submit to your husband..." crap.)

And it's true. I will be hard. My tastes aren't suited to doilies and churches and lace and and flowers. I like sleek things, steel things, blinky things. I'm not into traditional wedding ceremonies and music. I like modern poetry and electronica.

Apparently, my parents' church (which is, as churches go, not unattractive inside) has a policy against secular music being played during weddings, so there goes that dream of theirs. I definitely want some meaningful-to-me music in there. Odds are against a ceremony in a church, anyway... I'm not affiliated with a church, or with any organized religion, or, really, with any unorganized religion.

I know my dad's put money away (and boy, over the years it's sure to have garnered some hefty interest!), but I think I'll be more frugal than my parents are about certin things. I don't want to have many flowers; they're very expensive, and what happens to them after the ceremony? Nothing! My dress won't cost more than $500 -- it's against my personal sensibilities to pay more than $150 for a dress, even if I'll wear it numerous times.

During this wedding, they did do one thing I liked: the bridesmaids carried, instead of a bouquet, a wine glass with a candle in it. I thought that looked pretty cool, except letting the ambery glow of candlelight into one's color theme basically necessitates making gold the metal of choice. And I hate gold. Hm.

But anyway, all of this so I could post the following product, one which sounds closer to my taste for ambient decor-ish stuff for a wedding: Firefly Lights.

They're LEDs with a frequency output that matches the chemiluminescent glow of fireflies. They flicker with a natural "rhythm," and they're battery-powered. Neat!

I know almost half a dozen people who could probably build these for virtually nothing.

Mmm, fake bugs at a wedding. Maybe I should go for mini glow sticks or something.

(via Popgadget)
Shiny! Ain't no power in the 'verse can ruin wedding plans like that! Just make sure the reavers get a table all to themselves.

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