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Monday, July 25, 2005

Back on the wagon again, Austin and I are gym-shopping. It's really inconvenient for me to drive to UTD, so we're checking out reasonable gyms close to us. We got trial memberships to the Lakewood Gym at Mockingbird and Abrams and to the 24 Hour Fitness at Mockingbird and Greenville. Both are kind of on Austin's way to work, but it would take a miraculous appearance of a ghetto-gym to be on my way to work.

We went to 24 Hour Fitness this morning. I disliked the aggressive salesmanship and the veiled "deals," but its location and offerings were unparalleled. Despite my fears of it feeling meat-markety, it wasn't crowded or weird. Then again, if a place is meat-markety at 6:45 AM, there's something really wrong.

I did half an hour on the elliptical machine before heading home to shower and stuff. (And may I mention that I am extraordinarily jealous of a guy's ability to just shower and run?)

I won't be able to try a yoga class, since my part-time job precludes it, but I'll be back there tonight to try their weights while Austin gets his stretchy balance on. I'll be sad to miss it, if for no other reason than seeing him do yoga will be charmingly hilarious, methinks...

Tomorrow, we'll check out Lakewood, which is smaller and offers free tanning (my reaction to which makes me feel like the worst kind of hypocrite, because eyew, fake and bake! -- but cool, I may actually not be ghostly this winter).

But I do like this workout-in-the-early-morning thing a lot. Because I feel good.

Then again, I did get to sleep by 10:30 last night. And it is only Monday.
The downtown Y is The Shit but it's pretty expensive. The Landry Center is almost on your way to work -- it's affiliated with Baylor -- and it is wayyy plush, like Madonna would go there if she were in Dallas and her yoga instructor had to go do an intervention in Tokyo that day.

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