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Monday, July 18, 2005

The party was excellent. Aside from the unanticipated acoustical maelstrom that was the loft with 35 people in it and a brief grease fire, the shindig went off hitchless.

About 3/5 of those in attendance were of my parents' generation; the remaining 2/5 were our age or younger. The mix was great, actually -- the age groups were mutually impressed by the friendliness and coolness of the other.

My favorite photo of Austin and me is this one:

We ended up with more alcohol than we started with, thanks to our fantastic guests who brought wine and other consumables -- here's one I call "Still Life With Beer":

The loftwarming gifts didn't stop with alcohol; we got a stepladder (direly needed), candles, bread, a tiny skillet, a framed photo of my lovely friend Alisa, Austin, and me, and several LED-based gifts. Dale brought a multicolored LED array on a circuitboard, designed to vividify dreams, and then my mom brought a spinny, scepter-ish toy. Add to that cheesecake, (chocolate caramel, not cucumber), martini glasses, and a plant, too.

Again, supreme god of awesomeness Jeff (of Multipass fame) brought the best gift: an exit sign hacked with cut metal to read "100," our street address. Here I am with it:

All photos by Blake Marshall, Austin's teenage brother, whose boredom I slaked by giving him photographer duty and whose self-portrait I now feature:

Thanks, Blake!

I'll have lots of pictures up on Flickr eventually, but I'm about to exceed my monthly allotment of uploading.

Thankyouthankyou to everyone who came!
That photo is flippin' fantastic!


Best. Party. EVAR.

The loftwarming shindig was multigenerationally mingle-tastic!

You've both got very cool parents. We had an awesome time.

Austin's playlist was fantastic - I wish I could have purchased the soundtrack on the way out.

Best To You Both,
Jeff K.
(Lifetime warranty/modification policy on the LED sign, natch.)

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