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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

We tried the Lakewood Gym this morning.

After trying the probably-seven-times-as-big 24 Hour Fitness in the same neighborhood, I can pretty much say: Meh.

In my gym search, I want the optimal amount of anonymity (enough not to feel gawked at, but not enough to feel ignored by staff), a good amount of features, quality machines, a convenient location, and a good price.

I wanted to try a non-superchain gym, because I thought it'd feel more "neighborhood bar" than "trendy nightclub." But I guess I got what I asked for. Despite roughly equal patron to square foot ratios, the smaller Lakewood Gym felt less anonymous. It may have been the ubiquitous mirrors. Or the sheer size. But despite the fact that 24 Hour Fitness looks like the hamster pen in an experimental psychology lab from the outside, the knowledge that everyone there has a mission felt good. That, and the hot, tight SMU girlies working out at 24 Hour Fitness will be way more, um, inspirational than the surlier, older Lakewood crowd. Lakewood has a tanning bed, but 24 Hour has group classes (a yoga class of which Austin did last night and enjoyed) and a much wider -- and newer -- selection of machines. Lakewood had private shower stalls, but 24 Hour's locker room was newer-feeling (and since I generally won't be working out when I'm on my way to work or elsewhere, the shower's not a big deal). While Lakewood doesn't have an aggressive sales team, it was kind of refreshing to have someone checking my credentials at 24 Hour Fitness.

I might give Lakewood another chance, but I have to say, the hamster pen looks pretty good. We'll see how negotiable they are on dues.
Associatively, are you aware of Achewood/?

Heh, yeah.

But not the Achewood Gym (or the Achewood Bar and Grill, though its cognate fired my bartender brother for serving to a girl with a fake ID).

I concur. Sadly, 24Hr exceeded my expectations. But it boils down to: They have what I want and is accessible with relative ease.

Try Lifetime Fitness.

Oh! Oh! I forgot...also try Premier Club...its really good too. Mockingbird & 75.

Okay, Lifetime is not convenient to me at all, location-wise (heh, but there's one pretty much in Austin's workplace).

And holy crap! I called Premier, and they're very expensive (at least for my non-profit and doesn't-want-to-stop-buying-clothes budget).

Well you could try Trophy fitness club...two locations Mocking bird and uptown

Hm. I don't want to work out in Uptown (it's even more image-obsessed than the SMU area), but it looks expensive (heh, I drafted that with asterisks instead of using HTML; me = Luddite), and I don't like that they don't offer group workout classes on weekends. But I'll probably call and see.

Thanks, Anonymous!

I really like the Lake Highlands YMCA. Good gym equipment, no mirrors, low-key, a little lap pool, family atmosphere, even though we are sans rugrats, nice nice people there. If you get the Gold Pass, you can go to almost any Y in DFW, including Park Cities and White Rock (claustrophobic to me, even though it's closer). The only drawback to the Y is the hours. They close at 9 M-Thurs, 8 on Fri, 6 on Sat, and are only open for a few hours on Sunday.

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