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Friday, July 09, 2004

Holy crap. There's now a ketchup for the Bush & Co. crowd: W Ketchup. Their website: "You don't support Democrats. Why should your ketchup?"

And oh god, it also says: "Comes in one flavor - American." Eyew.

And thus this world gives me another reason (besides last year's clever Say Something Ketchuppy packaging, which gave my fridge a bottle that said "Comforts Burnt Hot Dogs") to be totally okay with buying Heinz ketchup. [Although in my search for the name of that campaign (no pun intended), I discovered that Heinz has no political affiliation.]

Heh, you want freedom fries with that?
Yeah, there's also an ice cream company which basically markets itself as Ben & Jerry's, but with good American conservative politics and not that crazy Vermont liberal malarky.

In 7th grade, I actually did a science fair project which did comparative ketchup studies - stuff like which had the longest shelf life, which seperated faster when spun, nutritional content, etc.. There was also a big taste-test portion, which didn't use a big enough sample size to be statistically significant, but which did involve convincing a *lot* of people to eat and rhapsodise about unlabeled ketchup samples. The winner was actually Hunt's (Huntz?) by a landslide, on all counts, (including price).

I followed this up with an 8th grade study of chocolate ice cream. Blue Bell won handily. Haagen Daas lost like crazy - it's very chalky, overpriced, and doesn't last long. Everything else was kind of clustered around the middle.

-Romie (

Just happened to be browsing and read your ketchup post, which led me to do some more reading...

Unfortunately, the statement from the Heinz Co. isn't accurate. Because even though Heinz has a long relationship with John Kerry's wife (she's the heiress of the founder), their political action committee has donated *NO* cashola to Kerry's campaign, instead going with the Republicans.

Why? Because the RNC has been stomping their boots into Heinz, saying that their moving plants overseas is affecting American jobs (which it is) and that the company is a shill for Kerry (which it isn't). So the ketchup kings are dumping money at the Republicans and issuing statements so that they don't lose even greater amounts of cash by Patriotic Amerikans picking up bottles of W. Ketchup instead. It's a silly thing to be worried about (at least from our perspective), but it's a big deal to an international corporation...

Anyway, thought you might be interested in some background in the Ketchup Konflict. Here's a link ( if you want to see the story that's making the rounds through Web newsfeeds. HAGO- Onus

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