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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

I would love to wear the "I Fuck Like a Girl" t-shirt peddled by Mighty Girl, because I would giggle the whole time. It's sold in men's sizes, too. So what is implied by a man wearing it?

It's like this: "That guy fucks like a girl. But he's a guy." (Deconstructive step A.) "But since he's a guy, and guys are all machismo and rugged, it suggests that fucking like a girl is ideal." (Deconstructive step B.) "But then it's not aligned with the idea of what 'like a girl' is all about!" (Deconstructive step C.) "But it's steeped in irony!" (Deconstructive step D.)

Ad infinitum.

It reminds me of playing "Opposite Day" as a kid. I think I was too smart for the game, because every time I would say something that was the opposite of what I meant, I'd immediately think, "But it's Opposite Day, so shouldn't I say the opposite? But then that'd be the real thing, and not the opposite. But then that's the opposite of the opposite, and I want to just say the opposite. Right?"

Yeah. I deconstruct like a girl.
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