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Saturday, January 06, 2007

I've had a tumultuous twelve days starting with Christmas Day: Here's a recap:

Whole Days Off

I will never take so much time off again. Going back to work? Nearly impossible.

ZigZag Moderne Chandeliers

At the T & P Station in Fort Worth, I checked out the most marvelous ballroom ever. Art Deco out the wazoo.

More Books to Read Acquired

From Stephen King to Mary Roach to Neil Gaiman, I'm good in the Things to Read department for a few months.

Questions About Body Worlds Fielded

At a family reunion, it's all folks could talk about. I loved being able to talk about it, but I hated thinking about work.

Pounds Gained

I'm not kidding. I'm going back to Weight Watchers next week.

Dozen Krispy Kreme Doughnut Holes

I made the Fortress of Sugar for Christmas morning. Using carmelized sugar as mortar and doughnut holes as bricks, I constructed a marvel of culinary enginnering. The structural integrity and weight of the tower were astounding.

Wedding Location Scouting Trips

I've been on a roller coaster. We thought we'd decided on The Lakewood Theater for our site, but it's not something the management there can logistically handle. Shit.

So, from the Melrose Hotel to Hotel Palomar, Fort Worth's T & P Station to Hickory Street Annex, I'm trying to decide what will work. I can't pick a theme or colors until I know what the rooms look like!


Frank Lloyd Wright Design Nods

If we're getting married in a church, I want it to be the Marty Leonard Community Chapel. It's a design marvel, with remarkably consistent appointments (the lamps in the courtyard match the lamps in the chapel, the candelabras match the podium, which matches the door handles). The only beef I have is with the odd pale green-yellow color of the pews. But the black-and-white photos would look awesome.

Trips to Bridal Shops

I've been shopping for a wedding dress; it's really unnerving for someone who's so into clothing and shopping and accessorizing and the sheer importance of presenting oneself in such a way that the perception of others equals your intended one.

I have a Top Three, which run the gamut from princess to earth maiden. One goes on sale this weekend, so I want to make a decision by Saturday. (Sorry, no pictures!)

Days Away from Oscar

Over New Year's, Austin and I went to Galveston. While we were there, Oscar stayed with my parents. I missed him, but not more than I did last night, when Austin and Oscar went to Houston. Never before has a water bowl looked so lonely.

Magic School Bus Storytimes

I got to be The Friz yesterday, reading from "The Magic School Bus Kicks Up a Storm" twice. The costume was hilarious; I added light blue fishnets to the plain-ol' white tights (it just seemed way more "Frizzly" to me). Kids ran up to hug me!


Halo 'Round the Christmas Tree

Forget an angel, or a star -- place a halo over the tree for gravity-defying, sigh-worthy trees.
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