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Thursday, November 03, 2005

In this week's Savage Love, I am alerted to something that really, really sucks. Target actually lets its pharmacists opt out of supplying birth control and emergency contraception:
"The chain allows its pharmacists to refuse to dispense birth control and emergency contraception to female customers if the pharmacist objects on religious grounds. What's worse, the company claims that any of its employees have a right to discriminate against any of its customers provided the discrimination is motivated by an employee's religious beliefs."
Man! I don't shop at Wal-Mart anymore due to its sketchy business practices, and now I'll feel guilty for shopping at Target.
As someone with a vested interest in Target selling brith control products, this sucks.

However, I have faith in economic darwinism. Birth control isn't going away. Companies that opt-out lose business. Employees that opt out become burdens to the company. Meanwhile companies that are friendly to birth control patrons get extra business.

If a convenience store stops selling alcohol/tobacco/condoms/lottery tickets because they see them as sins, then they will go out of business. Everyone who wants to drink/smoke/fuck/gamble will shop elsewhere.

I am told many large chains do this; however, not out of any corporate "beliefs" Some states or even municipalities have regulations requiring this. The headache caused by having a different set of employee rules state by state or municipality by municipality prompts some businesses to impose a universal rule.

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